Welcome to Brainbook!

Brainbook aims to be a free social website that is dedicated to promote knowledge and catalyze new relations within professions and interests.






The essence and the vision of Brainbook is to share well documented, well written and well thought out productions between people and groups who share the same interests. Brainbook combines the benefits of social online interaction with the ideas of knowledge sharing. By creating relations within interests instead of personal relations, Brainbook provides a new way of utilizing social medias.







Most social medias provide quick information and mostly shows small and often manipulated fractions of peoples' lives and ideas - it means you rarely see the whole content and process. In our view, the most popular of social media have created a culture that promotes material values, and makes the users see posts and posted content as entertainment or opportunities of self-promotion. The current social medias framework enhance these values. In our view this behavior and structure is so deeply anchored that it should be articulated as "the post-fact society". Brainbook see itself as a clear contrast to the post-fact society and therefor set knowledge sharing and professionalism as an ideal.

We strive for rethinking social relations, and hereby support a culture where people from all over the world can connect for content and process. We want people to thoroughly show their productions, ideas and work and not just decorated fractions.






The functional part of Brainbook is for people to publish user made productions and through its subject oriented network find readers and opponents who will contribute, discuss, debate and enhance the work of people around the world in Brainbook’s virtual workshops. The virtual workshop seeks to provide a structure that focuses on the actual content of the posted productions. Thereby the users will engage in a knowledge-producing process and benefit from each other’s efforts. As a result of the knowledge sharing focus in Brainbook, options as "liking" or other "emotions" will not be available. However, the poster of the production will have the opportunity to reward people who comment and contribute to the poster's production. Also, everyone who has a profile is given the opportunity to brand themselves through productions, comments and statistics within their field of interests.


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We have an ongoing development of the functionality and implementation of Brainbook. Our goal is to have a minimum viable product (MVP) ready in the early months of 2018. We aim to test the MVP around the world on different universities. If you are interested in Brainbook and want to hear more feel free to contact us. We are always looking for partners, investors and programmers who can help to strengthen and develop the scope, scale and quality of Brainbook.



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